Hotstar Live Streaming Cricket Asia Cup 2018 ( Hot Star App )

Hotstar Live Streaming Cricket 

Hotstar is launched by Star India on 6 February 2015 and this channel key points are that it is an Indian digital & entertainment platform. This channel provide Streaming media (All sports) & Videos on demand ( Movies, TV Serials etc). Hot star have their own original site named as & app is also available on App store. Hotstar telecast in 17 languages worldwide for its followers. Millions of people entertain from this channel & their products (Websites, App etc). In 2017 Hotstar also launched their services in United States & Canada on peoples demands. Asia Cup live streaming on Hotstar & Hot Star App from the middle of the September till the event end. Hotstar live streaming all cricket matches of Asia Cup 2018.


Hotstar headquarters are in Mumbai and as well as in Maharashtra (India). This is truth that live streaming of Hotstar carry high definition video & audio. Hotstar will telecast each & every match of Asia Cup cricket 2018 & millions of searches took place daily on google related to the Hotstar.

Asia Cup Live Streaming on Hotstar 

Hotstar is one of the best platform for fans to enjoy every moment of cricket without cost. Asia Cup is starting in a few days in United Arab Emirates. Asia Cup 2018 is one of the biggest event in 2018 after the Football World Cup. 2018 Asia Cup (ODI) cricket carry six teams listed below. Hotstar live streaming Asia Cup 2018 world wide for cricket fans.

  1. India              ( Ind )
  2. Pakistan        ( Pak )
  3. Sri Lanka       ( SL )
  4. Bangladesh   ( Ban )
  5. Afghanistan   ( Afg )
  6. Hong Kong    ( HK )

1st match of the Asia Cup is played between Bangladesh & Sri Lanka on 15 September 2018 & the final match of this cricket event will be on 28 September. All machetes detail for example players names & date, Time , venue info will be uploaded here.

Hotstar Live Streaming

Hotstar Live Streaming


Hotstar Live Streaming Asia Cup 2018

Hotstar is one of the TV channel as well as website which provide all data to their followers. All sports for example Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi & many sports are broadcast on this platform. Hotstar Live Streaming cricket matches listed below.

  1. Bangladesh vs Sri lanka     ( Ban vs SL )        15 September 2018
  2. Pakistan vs Hong Kong       ( Pak vs HK )       16 September 2018
  3. Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan     ( SL vs Afg )        17 September 2018
  4. India vs Hong Kong             ( Ind vs HK )        18 September 2018
  5. India vs Pakistan                 ( Ind vs Pak )       19 September 2018
  6. Bangladesh vs Afghanistan ( Ban vs Afg )      20 September 2018

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